Terms and Conditions

Arcadia Piano Service
Customer Referral Incentive Program
Terms and Conditions

(Effective 1/1/2017)


  1. Arcadia Piano Service customers in good standing are eligible for this program.


  1. Referrals must be new customers of Arcadia Piano Service who pay for at least one (1) Standard Tuning OR Piano Service of equal or greater value; discounts will be awarded after this condition is met.


  1. Earn a $10.00 (US) discount for each eligible customer referral.
  2. This is a discount amount that can be used for Arcadia Piano Service services only and has no value otherwise.
  3. There is no limit to the discounts one may earn.
  4. Arcadia Piano Service may revise this discount amount at any time; although, previously earned discounts will be honored until redeemed or gifted.


  1. Discounts can be used for Arcadia Piano Service services only.
  2. Discounts may be redeemed or gifted at any time.
  3. After being redeemed or gifted, discounts cannot be re-used.
  4. Discounts will not be exchanged for cash or any other form(s) of payment.


  1. This Customer Referral Incentive Program shall not be used for commercial purposes or monetary gain by or for any party, and any discounts acquired under such circumstances will not be honored by Arcadia Piano Service.


  1. Arcadia Piano Service may revise these Terms and Conditions at any time.


  1. Arcadia Piano Service may discontinue this Customer Referral Incentive Program at any time.