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I'll provide an estimate for the particular system configuration required for your piano.


$105 - $125

General Inspection of the Piano to assess its overall condition and serviceability; for example, will the piano even hold a tune?

Minor Cleaning and Debris Removal with no major disassembly required.

NOTE: Complete, Major Cleaning requiring action removal, key removal, and detailed plate cleaning costs extra and may take around 3 - 3½ hours. But, a major cleaning may help reduce wear and tear and is a good way to get a detailed inspection of your piano to assess any hidden repair needs.

Minor Adjustments / Fixes such as minor pedal adjustments, fixing a few sticking keys, tightening of plate bolts/screws, and other quick & easy fixes.

Fine Tune the Piano.

Moderate, Major, or Extreme Pitch Correction (if Required and Desired) for pianos more than ±5 cents (5% of a half-step) out of tune from A440. This requires a significant re-tensioning of all the strings to raise or lower the pitch to the piano's design specification, typically the A440 Standard Pitch or Concert Pitch.

NOTE 1: Because of the extra time and work involved, Pitch Corrections cost a little extra and may take an extra 1/2 to 2 hours. Costs and Time vary depending on how severe the piano is out of tune.

NOTE 2: Depending on its age and condition, your piano may not be fit for a significant pitch raise up to the modern day pitch standard.


$165 (prices)

Full cleaning of the piano, inside and out, m
ay help reduce wear and tear (caused by gritty dust / debris) on your piano and is a good way to get a detailed inspection of your piano to assess any hidden repair needs.
  • Remove and clean the action.
  • Remove the keys to clean them and clean underneath them.
  • Clean the strings.
  • Clean the plate and soundboard.
  • Clean and polish the case inside and out.
NOTE 1: May take around 3 - 3½ hours.

NOTE 2: Any repair items found during the cleaning may cost extra.

NOTE 3: May stir up a lot of dust in your home.


$250.00 (prices)

When the pinblock starts to fail the piano may not stay in tune because the tuning pins are too loose in the pinblock. This treatment may help as a temporary remedy in lieu of an expensive pinblock replacement.

I use a watery thin Cyanoacrylate (CA) Glue "Super Glue" that wicks into the pinblock surrounding the tuning pins then spray the glue with an accelerator spray that helps quickly cure the glue.

This treatment may extend the life of the piano another 5 years or so.

NOTE 1: This treatment is not a guaranteed fix, although, it is typically quite successful on pinblocks that aren't severely splitting / separating. If this is the case, you'll either have to retire the piano or pay to have the pinblock replaced.

NOTE 2: The glue fumes are extremely noxious, so adequate ventilation is required for this treatment. If you are sensitive to fumes, this may not be for you.


Prices Vary

I'll provide an estimate for other repairs or services not listed here.