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Piano Tuning

  • General Inspection of the Piano to assess its overall condition and serviceability; for example, will the piano even hold a tune?
  • Minor Cleaning and Debris Removal with no major disassembly required.
NOTE: Complete, Major Cleaning requiring action removal, key removal, and detailed plate cleaning costs extra and may take around 2½ - 3 hours extra. But, a major cleaning may help reduce wear and tear and is a good way to get a detailed inspection of your piano to assess any hidden repair needs.
  • Minor Adjustments / Fixes such minor pedal adjustments, fixing a few sticking keys, tightening of plate bolts/screws, and other quick & easy fixes.
  • Fine Tune the Piano.
  • Moderate, Major, or Extreme Pitch Correction (if Required and Desired) for pianos more than ±5 cents (5% of a half-step) out of tune from A440. This requires retensioning all the strings to raise or lower the pitch to the piano's design specification, typically the A440 pitch standard.
NOTE 1: Because of the extra time and work involved, Pitch Corrections cost a little extra and may take an extra 30 to 90 minutes. Costs and Time vary depending on how severe the piano is out of tune.

NOTE 2: 
Depending on its age and condition, your piano may not be fit for a significant pitch raise up to the modern day pitch standard.